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LeeAnne Matusek - Executive Producer & Host


LeeAnne brings a diverse background of acting / producing / writing and a career in wellness as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Counselor to Fittin’ It In.

LeeAnne lives a multi-hyphenate life as a wife, mother to three young boys, actor in feature films, television and theatre and as a producer and owner of Better Late Than Never Productions, she is also breathing life into many projects that are in various stages of development for film, television and theatre.

She is a unique host and guide to the viewers since she has been on her own challenging wellness journey, which was the catalyst for developing Fittin’ It In.

LeeAnne started a modeling and acting career at the age of 16 in North East Pennsylvania, Dunmore, PA to be exact.  Dunmore is right next to Scranton the fictional location of the popular sitcom, The Office.

As a model, she tried all kinds of fad diets including, but not limited to, The TAB diet and baby food diet.  In the early stages of her modeling career, she was given “great” advice from a photographer on a jean catalogue shoot, “Keep your hands out of the cookie jar!”.   She was also told she would never make it as a model because she had thick ankles.  She has heard it all!

At the age of 20 she moved to California to pursue her love of acting.  She met her husband in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar when she was in the chorus and he was playing Judas.  After many theatrical collaborations in San Diego, CA, they married and moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams.

Always seeking a healthier, but sane way of living and striving to maintain balance in life as she pursued an acting career in Los Angeles, she turned her love of physical activity into a successful career as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Counselor.   After becoming certified through the respected American Council on Exercise (ACE) she had her own successful business, Mat’s Muscles.  Her motto was and still is, “Fitness is more than muscles, it’s a state of mind."

Personal training and nutritional clients sought her out for her upbeat and no nonsense approach to fitness.  But even with a background in fitness, when she had her three boys after the age of 40, she had a difficult time losing the 80 pounds she had gained with both pregnancies.

That is how Fittin’ It In was born!

She currently resides in Burbank, California with her husband Henry, three boys and their dog Samy. Check out LeeAnne's professional affiliations by clicking on the image below.



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