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LeeAnne Matusek - Executive Producer & Host Marianne Bates - Producer

LeeAnne Matusek

Executive Producer

& Host

Marianne Bates



Hank Matusek - Director Jeremy Gosch - Director

Hank Matusek


Jeremy Gosch


The Early Years

The Fittin’ It In™ production team came together much like the show came together, through a natural progression of necessity! I needed to work with these talented people! I had already worked with both Jeremy and Marianne before this show.

Jeremy and I collaborated on a video that was one key component to a grant application for sun shade at our kid’s school. I was the co-chair for the Sun Safety committee and we were in need of raising funds, a LOT of funds, to get shade for the school playground. The committee thought it would be very helpful if we could show people how much we needed the shade along with telling them with a written request. Jeremy has a unique ability as a director to listen to what your idea is and making it better than what you could have imagined. That is what he did with our Sun Shade video. We raised all of the money we needed with the help from Fresh and Smoked! I am so lucky to be living in Burbank, CA where I met Jeremy and his family and am now able to work with him again, on another project that is near and dear to my heart.

Marianne and I go way back. All the way back to our ingenue days in theatre in San Diego, CA. We were part of a very passionate theatre ensemble group that put on shows where we did many community outreach programs. Our first play together was the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Marianne could and can sing great! I on the other hand was fortunate to stand next to HER! Our next chance to act together was when we played sisters in Beauty and the Beast. Over the years it has been exciting to cheer each other on in our individual entertainment ventures and I knew I wanted to collaborate with her on a production level because she is so darn good at what she does! I am so very thankful that we are able to work on this show together.

Our team has such rich and varied backgrounds in the entertainment business but one common ground, producing an entertaining and informative wellness show, Fittin’ It In™!


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