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LeeAnne Matusek, Wellness Coach

*A.C.E. Certifed Personal Trainer
*A.C.E. Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
*American Council on Exercise

Unlock Your Potential for a Healthier You

Online Coaching with LeeAnne

Meet LeeAnne

American Council on Exercise Certified in the areas of personal training and basic nutritional guidance.

As your personal wellness coach, I will help you achieve your health goals by creating a customized nutrition and workout plan that fits into your busy life. I believe that fitness is more than muscles, it's a state of mind. Let's work together to create a healthier you!

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What I Offer

Live your best life!

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Personalized Health Goals

Customized Nutrition & Workout Plans

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier you? Book a consultation with me today and let's begin your journey together!

“I cannot thank LeeAnne enough for the positive impact she has had on my life. Her customized nutrition and workout plan has helped me achieve my health goals and feel my best.”

- Jenna R.

“LeeAnne has been an incredible coach and has helped me establish healthy habits that have truly transformed my life. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health.”

- Michael S.

“I've never felt so energized and healthy in my life. LeeAnne's guidance and support has been invaluable. Thank you for helping me become the best version of myself!”

- Sarah B.

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